The Original Kiln Of "Tenryukyo-Yaki" MIWA RAKUGADO. Ceramic art school in South-Shinsyu(Iida-city Nagano)

"The Tenkoku" is tradition of "Tenryu-valley Earthenware".
The technique that had been succeeded from generation to generation.
We took a modern design and developed a new stage.

This provinces seem to have included the kiln mark etc. of the earthenware at ancient times.An earthen workman of "Seto" is invited to this place in Edo period, and it is said that the earthenware of the Iida clan was burnt is a start of "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" today.
It came to produce the work decorated more beautifully after "Tenkoku" was added to earthenware in around 1903.
Our establishment is 1919. The kiln was made in the Tenryu-valley in 1922,
and it became shape like present.The image above is an atelier at that time.

The founder "Sekisen Miwa" and the second generation "Sekijun Miwa" have received a lot of commendations.
"Sekijun Miwa" died in December, 1955, and the second generation "Sekisen Miwa" died in June, 2003.

This is "Nobori-gama" in the age of the Showa era.These images are unusual images that the second generation "Sekisen Miwa" and the staff fire pottery while confirming thermal power by staying up all night.

"Tenkoku" is an act of making the stamp, and China is an origin.Because "Tensho" is chiefly carved, it is said, "Tenkoku". It is not necessarily limited, "Tensho", and exists for the chapter of the chart.
There are a lot of people of whom the hobby who is "Tenkoku" in China and Japan at the present age.

From "Wikipedia"

When "Tenkoku" is given to earthenware, the soil should be fine.
The soil with good quality is in about five kilometers from "Tenryu-valley" to the east.
Did those who established it "Sekijun Miwa" hit on giving "Tenkoku" to earthenware by meeting this soil?

Most important work of "Tenkoku" by "Sekijun Miwa" * not for sale

Most important work of "Tenkoku" by "Sekisen Miwa" * not for sale

The work of "Sekijun Miwa" sticks to not only artistry height but also practical use. It invites the one seen thinly, lightly, and beautifully to the world of impression.

"Sekisen Miwa" the second generation when variegated work was produced."Teapot" and "Small bonsai pot" tehy he produced are very excellent.
He produced Tsc goods a lot excellent in addition.

We are aiming to make earthenware by which the person who uses earthenware
becomes happy. And, we began to make "Mainichino-Utsuwa".
Earthenware used every day.
Earthenware used every time.
The mind harmonizes whenever these are used.
It was a result that it had kept requesting such earthenware that became this shape.
We want to keep making earthenwares like thes.
Toshiko Miwa