The Original Kiln Of "Tenryukyo-Yaki" MIWA RAKUGADO. Ceramic art school in South-Shinsyu(Iida-city Nagano)


Head of the house pottery "Miwa Rakugado" of the "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" is established in 1919.
"Tenkoku-series " is burnt by the traditional technique that has been succeeded from generation to generation.
These were purchased for crown prince and princess.

/ "Earthenware of Tenkoku" made from founder "Sekijun Miwa" has been exhibited.
/ New "Mainichino-Utsuwa tachi" has been exhibited.
/ The student at the ceramic art is accepted at any time.

As for a traditional, modern sense of "Tenryu-valley Earthenware", third generation "Toshiko Miwa" was succeeded from founder "Sekijun" and the second generation "Sekisen".
And, a graceful line that gentleness who seems to be the woman begins to brew and a fresh color are the charms in them.
Will you enjoy tableware that "Tenryu- valley Earthenware" that can be used usually is new etc.

Right image is the second generation "Sekisen Miwa"

New "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" might be "Softness", and the old "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" be "Great physical strength"
We are aiming at new "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" adapted to the change in the change and the lifestyle in the world.
Of course, we are always making an effort for a new thing while following the technology and the idea of "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" of "Miwa Rakugado" succeeded for three generations.
"Mainichino-Utsuwa tachi" that I produced aims at "Tenryu-alley Earthenware where it lives in life".

Rright image is a third generation. "Toshiko Miwa"

We produced these with the tableware as the theme that was able to be used readily.
We wish the series that lightens mind of person who uses it.

Good tableware makes the table of every day happy.
A fashionable, chic thing favors the dish.
We took care with easiness to use while valuing the mind of Japan.

"Soba Rikuemon" whichi is in Iida-City uses the tableware of "Tenryu-valley Earthenware" that is new "Miwa Rakugado"'s goods.

Nostalgic touch of soil that recalls old times and Mellow curve provide moisture to the life.
For instance, if the ball of the lavatory is changed into original earthenware then Family's feelings at the time of awaking change.@

Shape is changed by the creator respectively though the soil does the type as which all starts are the same.
What shall we make? Please look touching the soil in the ceramic art experience and the ceramic art school. You can enjoy a real ceramic art during travel if there is time of several hours.
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