The Original Kiln Of "Tenryukyo-Yaki" MIWA RAKUGADO. Ceramic art school in South-Shinsyu(Iida-city Nagano)

Everyone can readily participate in the ceramic art experience of "Miwa Rakugado".
It becomes memories of the travel of "South Shinsyu".
The earthenware burnt by yourself also particularly :.
In our ceramic art school, We guide that real earthenware can be produced.

< Ceramic art experience >
Easy earthenware such as vases and handmade plates and cups is produced with the clay of 1.2Kg.
The time required is about two hours. It becomes memories of the travel of "South Shinsyu".
The work will be completed in about one month. I will send it to the distance by the courier service.
* The carriage is separately needed.
We can get the reservation from 2 persons.A couple become it from 6 to about 8 people.
The experience of the potter's wheel is also possible. And, we finish up finality.

Charge of ceramic art experience

2,500yen per one person

Extra charge of potter's wheel use

1,000yen per one person

Carriage to send work

It will change by the region.

Regular holiday

Thursday every week

< Ceramic art school >
The ceramic art school is opened on Saturday every week. One class is 3 to 7 person organization.
*The lecture is canceled on the fifth Saturday.
Teacup is made by using the potter's wheel.
The plate is made handmade.
You work on a real ceramic art deliberately spending time.
It starts from "Kikuneri" that kneads the soil first.
The work is very difficult to knead deflating soil.
It comes to be able to do alone if even you practice for about three months.
Finishing up a big work putting it for months also comes.

Charge of ceramic art school(monthly fee)

Course of four times a month

4,500yen per one person

Course of two times a month

3,000yen per one person

The cost of materials

About 400yen - 1,000yen

*It becomes the cost of materials of the work that completes production and takes it home.

< Application >


* We will accept the reservation for one week.

<@Appearance of ceramic art experience@>@

Now it is a start of the ceramic art experience classroom.

a group of the madam in the vicinity.
The explanation is received first. After that,you think what to make.

Even if some shape is made, it doesn't make it to good.@

The teacher helps the hard bit.

The teacher said "It is possible to clean it by doing so."

Now it is completion.
Such a splendid work was made.

It is a tea party that combines the reflection association.

(up)It shelves and it is dried.
(upper right)A dry work is put in the kiln and the unglazed pottery is done. It completes when frit is painted, and it burns again after this.
(right)These are student's works.