The Original Kiln Of "Tenryukyo-Yaki" MIWA RAKUGADO. Ceramic art school in South-Shinsyu(Iida-city Nagano)

"Tenryu-valley" is a scenic area invaded by the clear stream of "Tenryu river".
It is specified for "Tenryu Okumikawa" national park.
"Miwa Rakugado" is on the way of the stroll road in "Tenryu-valley" sightseeing course.

< Tenryu-valley >
"Tenryu-valley" is located in the southern part of Iida City, and is a scenic area of the "Inadani" the greatest.BWhen you visit "South Shinsyu" , you should visit once. Eminent "Hot spring of the Tenryu-valley" is here also in the whole country in which it boasts of the content of the natural radon element.B
"Tenryu-valley" is a showplace of the cherry. The cherry of "Tenryu-valley" blooms earliest in Shinsyu. And, autumnal colors of the leaves color the latest.
The stroll road that can turn in about one hour is maintained to the "Tenryu-valley". It is made a starting point near in front of the "Tenryu-valley" station.
The stroll road map is in the "Miwa Rakugado".

Tourist information of "Tenryu-valley"

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